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  • Općenita Povijest / General History
  • Republika Hrvatska / Republic of Croatia
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  • Nezavisna Država Hrvatska / Independent State of Croatia
  • Rana Povijest / Early History
  • Povijest Mjesta / History of Places
  • Razno / Miscellaneous
  • Hrvatska Povijest / Croatian History
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    Nezavisna Država Hrvatska / Independent State of Croatia
    Nezavisna država Hrvatska
    Independent State of Croatia

    Ustroj oružanih snaga NDH (Domobranstva i Ustaške Vojnice), domobranske pukovnije, sborovi UV, biografije, odlikovanja i vlade. / Information's about armed forces (Home Defence and Ustasha Army), biographies, medals, government.
    Hrvatski English
    Crna Legija
    Za sve Hrvate i Domoljube.
    Crna Legija Forum
    World War 2 in Yugoslavia Hrvatski Russkij English
    The Pavelić Papers
    An independent project researching the history of the ustaša movement, 1929-2003.
    The Pavelić Papers
    Ratna Tehnika u II Svjetskom Ratu
    Opis ratnog materijala nekih zemalja sudionica II svjetskog rata
    Ratna Tehnika u II S.R.
    Hrvatski Nacionalni Front
    Croatian National Front

    Bog i Hrvati, Za Dom Spremni! Sve do Drine!
    Hrv. Nacionalni Front
    Croatian Stronghold
    Pages about Nezavisna Država Hrvatska
    Croatian Stronghold
    Handzar Divizija
    The Croatian Muslim division loyaly served throughout Bosnia during World War II.
    Handzar Divizija
    Croatian Axis Forces in WWII Croatian Axis Forces in WWII
    Croatian Volunteers in the German Wehrmacht in WWII Croatian Volunteers in the German Wehrmacht in WWII
    Croatian Military decorations in WWII Croatian Military decorations in WWII
    Jasenovac: The Inventions and Lies of Dr. Bulajić on the Internet
    Jasenovac concentration camp and the number of victims in former Yugoslavia in WW2. Read as Vladimir Zerjavić, retiree of UN defends himself against Serb propoganda of this Bulajić (Director of the Museum of Victims of Genocide in Belgrade) bastard.
    Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac Saving the Jews in Croatia during WWII Jews in Croatia in WWII
    Israel and Genocide in Croatia Israel
    The German Campaigns in the Balkans
    The German campaigns in the Balkans and the seizure of Crete within the framework of Hitler's military policy during the second year of World War II.
    German Campaigns
    German Antiguerrilla Operations in the Balkans (1941-1944)
    The German campaign against the guerrillas in the Balkans during the occupation, from the end of hostilities against Greece and Yugoslavia in April 1941 to the capture of Belgrade by Soviet forces and Partisans in October 1944.
    Antiguerrilla Operations
    Rana Povijest / Early History
    Project Mojmir
    A project aimed to present Croatia and its people with the greatest national gift of all: the crown and the remains of our beloved King Tomislav.
    Project Mojmir
    Croatian King Tomislav
    For nearly a thousand years details of death and burials of the first King of independent Croatia - King Tomislav, have remained an enigma!
    Croatian King Tomislav
    Rimska vojnicka diploma iz Slavonskog Broda
    Roman Military Diploma from Slavonski Brod

    Prvi pronađeni natpis s imenom antičkog grada koji je bio na ovom području, MARSONIA. / The earliest writing which mentions the ancient name of Brod, MARSONIA.
    Hrvatski English
    Roman Emperor Diocletian
    Diocletian was pronounced emperor on November 20, 284 AD.
    Roman Emperor Diocletian
    The History of the Arbanasi in Croatia
    Very few people in the world know that a small Albanian settlement was established, close to three centuries ago, south of Zadar in Dalmatia. This settlement was known as Borgo Erizzo at first, and then later as Arbanasi. Today, the settlement has been incorporated into the city of Zadar, Croatia.
    Arbanasi in Croatia
    Croatians at European Universities in the Middle Ages Croatians in the M.A.
    Croatian-Slavonian Military Frontier Cro-Slav Military Frontier
    The Treaty of London (Extracts)
    Look especially at articles 4, 7 and 16. The conspiracy continues.
    The Treaty of London
    Povijest Mjesta / History of Places
    Boka Kotorska
    An historical account of Boka Kotorska.
    Boka Kotorska
    A short historical overview of Istria and Pula
    Written by prof. dr. Jadranka Skorin-Kapov, W.A. Harriman School for Management and Policy, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY
    History of Istria, Pula
    History of Pazin
    Pazin is a city in the center of Istria that formed around a castle on a cliff.
    Hrvatski Deutsch
    Italiano English
    Bogata kulturna povijest Samobora Kulturna Povijest Samobora
    Povijest Slavonskog Broda Povijest Slavonskog Broda
    Tragovi iz Kamenog Doba
    Arheološki nalazi naselja na području Slavonskog Broda stari 8000 godina!
    Tragovi iz Kamenog Doba
    Celebrating 1700 Years of the City of Split 1700 Years of Split
    Povijest Vinkovaca Povijest Vinkovaca
    Mostar and the Balkans
    A brief history of Bosnia Herzegovina and Mostar contains Documentation, historical data and numerous pictures.
    Mostar and the Balkans
    Kratka povijest Gradišćanskih Hrvata
    A short history of the Burgenland Croats
    Hrvatski Deutsch English
    Razno / Miscellaneous
    Akant arheologija
    Web stranica o arheologiji u radu.
    Akant arheologija
    Old Homes of New Americans, Chapter 12
    In an effort to present different perspectives on the life of your ancestors and the time they lived in, we present Old Homes of New Americans, published in 1913. Chapter 12 is dedicated to the Croatians
    Chapter 12
    Croatian Shipbuilding History
    Do you know that the oldest drawing of a vessel in Europe was found in Hvar? Hundreds of thousands of vessels of all types and shapes were built by inhabitants of Croatian coast from times immemorial until nowadays.
    Croatian Shipbuilding
    History of Shipbuilding in Croatia History of Shipbuilding
    Black Hand Over Europe
    The reprint of the 1935 book by Henri Pozzi.
    Black Hand Over Europe

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